Rebuilding Trust During Recovery Takes Times

Addiction is a hard road to walk, but recovery can also be difficult. Although it’s not an easy path, the journey to recovery is very worthwhile for you and for the family and friends who care about you.

As you move through recovery, you may find that one of the things you need and want to do is rebuild trust with family and friends that you may have distanced yourself from during your addiction period. That rebuilding can take time, but can also be very valuable to helping you recover and strengthen the ties you have to the people who care about you.

Don’t underestimate how much your friends and family still love you. When they see how hard you’re trying to get better and live a good, happy life, they will support you.

Rebuilding Ties With Your Family

While it may be uncomfortable at first, going to each member of your family and talking to them openly about your addiction and your recovery can really start the process of rebuilding some of the ties that may haveĀ unraveled. Your family loves you, and do n’t want to see you hurting yourself or others through the pain of addictive behavior. Instead, they want to see you happy, healthy, and whole, the way they remember you before any problems may have begun.

You may want to bring them a small gift that’s sincere and personal, which can show you understand the journey you’re on and how dedicated you are to staying on the right path as you head toward a brighter future. That will help them see the seriousness you have for the task at hand, and help them start to trust you again.

Reaching Out to Your Friends

Some of your friends may have drifted away from you, too, but you can reach out to them. If they were true friends and addiction got in the way, they will still be true friends as you work through recovery. By reaching out and making amends you take an important first step toward showing your friends you’re serious about being healthy and living a better life, free of the trappings of the past.

Let your friends know what they mean to you, and give them time to come around if they’re uncertain. Keep your promises to them, so they can see the changes you’ve made and learn that they can once again rely on you. In time, true friends will regain their trust in you.

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