Learn to Give it to God and Let Go

The underlying principle of any recovery program is the recognition that sometimes we need help to get to where we want to be in life. That help from other people, the support and the community they provide, can be the very thing that allows someone to put their addiction behind them and start their road to recovery.

There are many who also believe that a higher power is there to guide them during this time in their lives. Making the decision to turn your life over to God is the foundation for the program’s third and fourth steps.

God is Always There

Turning your will and life over to God is a critically important component of your 12-step program recovery process. It takes a considerable amount of faith to do so, but it will make you stronger.

Those who have kept their faith and bounced back from drug and alcohol addiction will testify that a higher power helped them on their road to sobriety.

It’s Time to “Let Go”

You can only control so much. You can’t force the surrounding world to act in a certain manner or treat you in a certain way. You have to let go of your desire to control people, things and happenings outside of yourself. Furthermore, it is important to cede control of your life to God. He will guide you on your quest for sobriety. He will also handle all of the distractions going on around you so that you can focus on beating your addiction.

Pray to God on a regular basis. Pray for yourself, your family and friends and the human race. The bottom line is that if you put your faith in God and you will greatly increase the odds of a successful recovery.

Allow God Into Your Life Today

Too many people who are saddled with addiction let other people and events alter their quest for sobriety. Don’t do this to yourself! Let God handle outside forces, and you will find that it is much easier to live life on a straight and narrow path.

Once you let the higher power bear those burdens, you will feel an incredible sense of liberation. It will be as though the weight of the world has been lifted off of your shoulders. You will have more energy to tackle your addiction. You will also feel as though you aren’t letting the world down. Make today the day that you let go and lean on God to keep you safe, sober and healthy.

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