Recovery Life and Yoga

Recovery Life and Yoga

When you are recovering from addiction, it can often seem like your past vices are constantly calling out to you to come back. That is why 12-step programs and other recovery methods so often recommend replacing those bad habits with healthier ones. Yoga is great for this, and here’s why. 

Stress Relief

Stress is one of the most common triggers for addictive behaviors, as drugs or alcohol can numb the stress. However, they don’t do anything to get rid of the stress in the first place. Yoga forces you to pay attention to your breathing, calming yourself as you go. After a studio class or practicing at home, you’ll likely feel more relaxed and capable of getting through the more difficult times in your life.


Although many Americans only practice hatha yoga, the physical poses, meditation is part of the complete practice, so you shouldn’t neglect this important component. Meditation is a great way to get in touch with yourself and your feelings while also letting go of your worries and stress. Don’t worry about completely freeing your mind of thought; instead, just acknowledge your thoughts and let them pass through your mind as you focus on your breathing.


Doing yoga poses does wonders for strengthening and toning your body. When you are in good shape, it is easier to get through your daily activities. You’ll likely find that you have far more energy than you used to as well. Use that extra energy to incorporate more new, healthy habits into your recovery lifestyle. Go for a walk in the afternoon or meet up with some sober friends for a casual game of volleyball or soccer. Staying active can help you stay sober.

Stay on Track with Your Recovery

There’s a reason why 12-step programs are so popular with recovering addicts. As they say in AA, “It works if you work it.” Here at My 12 Step Store, we have everything you need to focus on your recovery and stay sober. From the AA Big Book to key chains and posters, our products can help you surround yourself with reminders to stay on the sober path. Stock up on motivational and supportive items today!

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