What Does it Mean to Have a Higher Power?

A higher power is the cornerstone of the major 12-step programs, including Alcoholics Anonymous; “Came to belief that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”, Narcotics Anonymous and other variations. While it is not required that you take up religion in order to follow the program to help with your recovery, having belief that there is something greater than yourself can get you through the tough times on the road back from addiction. So, what does “higher power” actually mean?   Let’s take a look at a few of the most common examples. 

Religious Figures

For many people, it is easiest to associate a higher power with whatever religion they were brought up with. In Western cultures, Christianity is the most popular, with practitioners worshipping God. In the eastern hemisphere, Islam and Hinduism are common, revering Allah and multiple gods, respectively. Although each religion has its own unique beliefs, the common thread is that those who practice the religion have faith in a god figure, like a creator of life and a caregiver. In the 12-step program, you’ll ask your higher power to give you the strength you need to push through when recovery gets difficult.

A Secular Higher Power

For those who prefer not to live a life of religion, it is still possible to find a higher power. In a secular sense, a higher power is more of an idea than a particular figure. Some choose to believe that it is the universe creating various opportunities, while others like the idea of inner strength and power. This type of higher power can be a bit more complex to figure out, but it is still possible to follow the 12-step program in this manner. Your sponsor can help you discover your relationship with your own higher power, and you can also seek out guidance from others currently going through the program to understand how they handle this aspect.

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