Take a Deep Breath and Relax

“You really need to relax.” How many times have you heard that nugget of advice from well-meaning friends, family and recovery professionals? While the fundamental idea of that message may be accurate, achieving relaxation is something that often proves challenging, even for people who have never struggled with addiction. The following tips are offered by My12StepStore.com to help you find ways to truly relax and recharge. We hope that you find these ideas useful and that you share them with others as you advance on your path toward sober living. 

How to Begin the Relaxation Process

It sounds counterproductive, but to relax, you must be willing to exert some effort. That begins by taking the time to assess your immediate surroundings. All too often, we move through each day with little to no regard to our surroundings, and taking the time to intentionally tune to what is going on around us can be a great way to become centered and begin relaxing. Note the temperature of the area, the background sounds, the level of comfort in the space. Focusing your attention on these things helps to calm the mind, and prepare for deeper relaxation. This workbook offers great support and ideas. http://www.my12stepstore.com/The-Relaxation-Stress-Reduction-WORKBOOK.html

Slow Things Down

Next, try to focus on your breathing, and to take deliberate, slow and measured breaths. Inhale deeply and count to a comfortable number. Next, hold that breath for a few more seconds, then slowly count down as you release the breath and begin the process anew. This is a great way to bring in sufficient oxygen, slow your heart rate and become centered.

Create Sensory Cues to Prompt Relaxation

The mind is nothing if not a creature of habit, and there is a great deal of power in creating and sustaining habits that promote relaxation. Consider setting aside a short amount of time each day to intentionally focus on relaxation. Next, bring in tools to signal your body that it is time to relax. Those tools can be a cup of green tea, a favorite piece of music, a comfortable chair and pillow or even your favorite chewing gum. The point is to create a mental association between the sensation of relaxing and the sensations provided by the setting. http://www.my12stepstore.com/Acceptance-A-Way-to-Serenity.html

At My12StepStore.com, we celebrate recovery and sober living, and we feel called to collect an assortment of products that can assist on your journey out of addiction. On our site, you will find books and DVDs to support sober living, inspirational wall hangings, decorative items and even clothing that promotes the stability and calm that sobriety brings.  http://www.my12stepstore.com/The-Mindfulness-Workbook-for-Addiction.html

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