Boo’s but Skip the Booze

Halloween, for many young adults, is an opportunity to cut loose, party, get drunk and/or dabble in “other substances.” If you’re in recovery, these are scenarios you definitely want to avoid. The good news is that you can celebrate Halloween without booze or drugs and have a great time. Here are a few ideas on how to skip the booze and enjoy this holiday to the full.

Make Your Own Halloween Traditions

Halloween traditions are what you make them. If you used to party and drink on this holiday, come up with innovative ways to celebrate Halloween sober. Sign up for a Halloween marathon or host a Halloween feast with all the trimmings and a non-alcoholic Halloween punch. Better yet, transform your home into a haunted house for your friends and neighbor’s to make their Halloween one to remember. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood for years to come.

Spend Halloween with Children

Do you have children or young nephews or nieces? Spend Halloween with them. Take them trick or treating, organize activities or games to play, watch scary kids’ movies together and snack the night away. Make Halloween special for the kids in your life and discover a whole new way of celebrating this holiday.

Throw Your Own Halloween Party

Want to celebrate this holiday with a sober Halloween party? Throw one of your own! Choose a theme, INSIST everyone comes in costume (offer prizes for most original designs) and let people know this will be a non-alcoholic event where they can play games, dance, eat delicious snacks and enjoy each other’s company without getting “high” or drunk. Serve a refreshing punch, soft drinks or Halloween mocktails to quench your guests’ thirst and maintain sobriety all evening long.

Swap the Celebrations for a Quiet Night at Home

If you want to keep it simple, forget the hoopla of Halloween celebrations and spend a quiet night at home. Invite some close friends over and watch a new flick you’ve all been dying to see for a while. You’ll appreciate spending time with people you care about and who care about you and are supportive of your recovery.

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