Sharing Recovery Time on Social Media

Recovery is a nearly impossible challenge to go through alone, and sometimes you might feel as though you are too embarrassed to share your journey. However, never be ashamed of taking on sobriety, and it’s actually possible that your social media friends and organized groups can be rather helpful and supportive as you navigate recovery. Here are some benefits of sharing your experiences and learning from others in a social setting whether it be online or at meetings.

Finding a Home Group

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The Perks of Turning to Social Media Support Systems

As long as you can recognize when someone is being a bad influence versus a positive one on social media, you can benefit your recovery in the following ways online with personal friends or amid support groups and staying within guidelines of any traditions.

  • Greater Stability: Support groups in-person can’t be replaced, but online groups can provide ample support opportunities. Some find it easier to connect quickly in times of need online as opposed to finding an available group meeting locally.
  • Staying Connected: Connecting with people having similar struggles or are years into recovery can be a huge asset that eases your transitions throughout sobriety efforts.
  • Give and Receive Support: Instant connections on social media can ease sobriety-related stress and help you get through trying days and unstable nights. Allowing your social group to serve as a lifeline can keep you on the track to success.
  • Sharing Achievements: There’s no greater feeling than sharing hallmark achievements as you progress through steps and weeks, months and years of staying sober. Face the next day with pride knowing you can share your journey with a caring and understanding group.

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Potential Drawback of Social Media While Recovering

We all know that social media has its fair share of negative Nelly’s and trolls out to impede you. We also understand that it can be distracting and easy to stray away to browse other pages. That being said, here are some things to avoid on social media during recovery.

  • If seeing memes and comments about drugs, parties and drinking are triggers, limit browsing away from groups.
  • Block and/or delete any contacts that fail to be supportive.
  • In times that you feel discouraged or depressed by what you encounter, get offline and take a break.
  • Any indication of cyberbullying should be reported to moderators and avoid the site until the problem is resolved.

That being said, you might be at risk of getting addicted to social media, so limit your time and monitor where you’re spending it.

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