Celebrating National Read a Book Day with Celebrity Authors

My 12 Step Store opens its new and expanded Recovery Super Store and celebrates National Recovery Month with a book launch meet-and-greet with two celebrity authors on September 6th (National Read a Book Day). The authors will be reading, signing books—and showing what a filter-free sober life looks like.

Debut author Emily Lynn Paulson (the name behind the popular Instagram accounts @highlightrealrecovery and @wowyouhaveyourhandsfull) looked like she had it all: the perfect husband, the five perfect children, the perfect career…

Her memoir, Highlight Real: Finding Honesty and Recovery Behind the Filtered Life, is the true story of what happens when a so-called perfect mother and businesswoman is forced to find reckoning with her past and build a future based on the authenticity she has always sought. Highlight Real is a memoir of healing as well as a fully modern look at what happens when the filters fall off and real-life emerges into the light.

Television personality, journalist and publisher Anna David —who specializes in showing people how to share their darkest experiences in order to find their spiritual light and humor—will also be signing and reading from her latest book How to Get successful by Fu*king Up Your Life.

David is the author of the novels Party Girl and Bought and the non-fiction books Falling For Me, True Tales of Lust and Love and Reality Matters. Her book By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There, co-written with Tom Sizemore, was a New York Times bestseller.

My 12 Step Store is celebrating 16 years of service to the recovery community. Specializing in 12-step literature and the largest collection of recovery medallions, jewelry and sober apparel that exists, the store recently expanded to a larger space in the same lot. The new retail space is larger, allowing the recovering community access to more books, medallions, apparel, and various gifts that celebrate sobriety. The larger space will also showcase a “chip island” offering over 50,000 meeting chips in various styles and colors, including the store’s own signature collection of the plastic poker chip style.

Date: Friday, September 6th, 2019 from 7 – 9p with Refreshments and Prizes

Location: 8730 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood CA 90069

Parking: behind the store off Huntley Dr and across the street at https://www.lazparking.com/local/west-hollywood-ca/901-hancock

For more information contact www.my12stepstore.com 310 623 1702

RSVP https://highlightreallaunch.splashthat.com/https://highlightreallaunch.splashthat.com/.

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