Dating Tips During Recovery

Deciding to get sober is a major life decision. You may find that you have to give up a lot, including friendships and relationships, in order to maintain your sobriety. However, after you have gotten sober and feel like you are in a good place with your recovery, you may think about dating again. Here are a few tips that can help you with dating and relationships when you are in recovery.  

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Determining When to Date During Recovery

When you are first on the path of recovery, your sobriety should be your main focus. As such, you need to consider where you are on your path and what feelings you are experiencing. You should wait at least a few months after getting sober before you even attempt to date. You want to ensure you are in a good place and not replacing the feeling of drugs or alcohol with the feeling of possible lust or love.

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Setting Boundaries in Relationships 

Once you have found someone who interests you, it is important to establish boundaries early on. You should tell the individual you are in recovery, and you need to avoid certain places, such as bars or your old hangouts. You also want to clarify that you may have to step back from the relationship if you have setbacks or need to focus on your mental health. Being upfront and honest about who you are and what you can provide is important when you start to date again. 

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Taking Things Slow

The final tip that you should always follow when dating during recovery is to take things slow. Many former addicts have impulse issues. This affects you not only with substances but with people as well. You want to take the time to get to know the person you are dating and ensure they are good for you. You do not want to take things quickly because it feels good or you like the feeling of love. This can help you establish a healthy relationship, which may also help you avoid a relapse.

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