How Much TV Is Too Much?

Everyone loves to engage in watching their favorite television shows. People love to see what their favorite characters are doing and how the ongoing story is progressing. Binge-watching has become very popular for types of shows. Kids even pass a lot of time watching TV and videos on their tablets, computers, and smartphones. But too much of a good thing can be harmful. So, it is recommended that to keep your kids healthy, it is acceptable to limit their TV time. 

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Knowing the Facts of Too Much Screen Time

Health is an essential fact of life. And sitting around not moving because of screen addiction is going to rob a person of their health. But here are some facts that will help in their recovery and know when it is time to shut it all off.

  • Newborn babies up to about 18 months of age should have limited screen time. Experts think that the only screen time they should have should be live interaction with family.
  • Toddlers should be allowed to have about an hour to watch their favorite programming. Experts think that the shows should be educational and constructive since the early years are their formative years.
  • Kids and teens should have prescribed limits placed on them. It is more critical for them to be physically active instead of sitting around all day playing games and wasting time. Their bodies are developing, and it will be good for them to stay active.

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  • Adults who view less than 2 hours of TV a day are found to have the lowest overall health risks according to research.

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Screen time has a lot of benefits, and there are some concerns that come along with it. But knowing when enough is enough will help you keep you and the children in your life healthy and on the path to productive adulthood. If you’re looking for other entertaining ways to occupy your time, check out for all kinds of reading material and fun gifts.  

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