Fun Ideas for Fellowship After a Meeting

Once you have committed yourself to recovery, you might start to feel a void. You also might experience boredom occasionally. Perhaps you miss the socialization of partying but know that returning to that life is not the healthiest decision. Otherwise, you perhaps are a quiet type who maybe was in a longtime relationship that ended but are not ready to date again. 

Either way, you still feel the need for people, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Fellowship after a meeting or on days off from work is one way to combat loneliness. Activities might even extend to weekends or days off from work. 

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Ideas for Sober Fun After Meetings

Not all meetings are on weekday nights, so these suggestions also include after-morning, weekend or afternoon meetings.

Of course, there are the usuals. You can go for coffee or a meal together and watch movies either at someone’s place or a theater. However, you might have activities that you used to perhaps do while drinking, for instance, that you still enjoy doing but need to find people who also will do them sober with you.

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Additional Sober Fun Ideas

  1. Attend a comedy show together. It probably depends on your regular meeting start and end time, but some shows might not start until after 8 PM anyway. It’s a viable option even during the week for some people, but you can also plan it for a weekend night. Humor is one effective way to forget about “life” for a while without engaging in addictive behavior.
  2. Plan a sober Karaoke night. This will require some advanced planning, but you could even make this a regular event if you have enough singers in your group who are interested.
  3. Do open mic. It might seem redundant, but it’s another outlet for musicians and other performers who no longer have their non-sober friends to engage in this activity with.
  4. Coordinate a game or movie night. Find out what most people in your primary meeting prefer and center your next creative or athletic night on that. A healthy compromise would be to alternate between the two depending on the interests of your sober friends.
  5. Have an outdoor picnic. This might also include various other activities besides eating, such as walking the trails, swimming, biking or outdoor games.

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This doesn’t cover half of the fun you can have after a recovery meeting. Any way you can think of to have fun while building strong, healthy relationships will provide you the fellowship you need and are committing to long-term sobriety. Still, there might be times when you feel alone. In that case, head over to for inspiration any time of the day or night. 

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