How Important Is Sleep During Your Recovery Journey?

Few things in life are more important than getting the sleep you need. It helps provide mental and emotional stability and increases your ability to handle stress throughout the day. Now, it’s time to learn how important sleep is during your recovery journey, which starts with what to expect if experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop.

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Issues With Sleep During Withdrawal

Part of the reason that some people end up in a treatment center during the early days of recovery is because of the effects of withdrawal. Insomnia sometimes occurs in people who rely on a substance such as alcohol, drugs or sex to calm them to “dreamland” when they’re suddenly without the addictive substance. This could last at least one night but could result in several nights without falling asleep.

It might take you time to learn how to sleep unassisted by drugs or alcohol, but it is possible. In the meantime, you might want to learn about how important sleep is during recovery — but really all the time.

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Benefits of A Full Sleep Cycle

Whether you work, days or nights, having a good night’s sleep benefits you in many ways. It might take you time to restore your sleep schedule after you come down from using drugs or alcohol. However, you will, in time, be able to establish a new routine that will help you fall asleep. Once you do establish a regular rest schedule, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  1.  Better work performance — No matter who you are, proper rest helps you perform all work duties no matter what your job title is. Sleep prevents numerous costly mistakes. This is true even if you have already been sober for a while.
  2. Blood pressure regulation — You can’t undo the effects of prolonged alcohol or drug use. However, you can improve your current health situation just by resting enough to reducing your risk of heart disease. Sleeping when you need it can help you begin to repair cardiovascular damage from past use.
  3. A metabolism boost — Exercise is not the only way to regulate how your body processes food. Sleeping is another way. Having the proper amount of downtime can improve the way your body takes in the nutrients and digests the food you eat. You can expect to begin feeling more fit after recovery because of it.
  4. Mood elevation — Have you ever gone without sleep for a day or two, even when sober? If so, you can understand how important having enough “shut-eye” has on moods. Getting drunk or high sometimes might keep you up for longer than you normally would if not using, but the proper amount of sleep does even the moods. It can be your gateway to not as many — or at least not as severe – emotional highs and lows.

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Sometimes, finding the right reading material before bedtime also helps. Explore literature to find inspirational content to help you fall asleep. 

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