Surviving Addiction, Inflation and Maybe…a Recession Too!

As most people have already discovered, we as a nation are experiencing inflation and may be on the verge of a potential economic recession. This is a very trying time for everyone, but it can be especially trying for those already struggling with substance abuse.

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Most addictive behavior is rooted in some type of loss, be it the death of a loved one, coming to terms with limitations set by chronic health problems, or the end of a relationship.

How Does an Economic Recession Affect Drug Use?

For those already struggling with substance abuse and trying to get clean and are working on getting their lives back in order, it can be tough to deal with something as widespread as an economic recession. For most people, this is a difficult time, to say the least, but for those who are not addicted to substances or do not struggle with sobriety, there are other outlets to help deal with the increased pressure and stress.

For those dealing with sobriety or struggling with addiction, it sometimes can be difficult to stay clean when you are dealing with increased stress. Another issue is that many people feel the strain when it comes to being able to buy basic necessities, and they may feel that their money would be better spent on substances to help them cope.

Unemployment can also increase the feeling of despondency and can make it seem like you have no alternative and like you have no hope. For those dealing with these issues, there is hope.

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How Recovery Programs Can Help

For those that are struggling with the economic downturn, it is always a good idea to take the time to find recovery options. A program that works with you can help you figure out what you need to do to stay clean and what you need to do to come out clean on the other side.

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The right recovery program is going to support you, help you find the program that works, and is also going to help you find out how to deal with any struggle that might come from the current economic crisis. 

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