What Does It Cost To Be an Addict?

There are a lot of things that can affect your lifestyle and health. But of all the things around you, nothing will affect you more than an addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction has a significant cost that must be paid to maintain the addiction. To help you understand the cost of addiction, here are some of the costs that come with addiction.

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Addiction Costs Money

Drugs and alcohol are the biggest addictions that people face. A drink at a bar may cost upwards of $10 each, while drug costs vary. Either way, the addiction is draining you of your hard-earned money. Addiction habits and cost that come with it can run into hundreds per day and even get into the thousands.  In some instances, it can financially destroy you and cause serious harm.

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An Addiction Costs Relationships

There is nothing more divisive than an addiction. Drugs and alcohol will affect the people around you. The effect of addiction rarely stays confined to the person. The people that love you the most will try and help. But you must be willing to act to break the addiction.

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The Other Costs of an Addiction

Money and relationships are just a few of the costs of addiction. There is also:

  • The potential of dropping out of school.
  • The loss of your job.
  • Reduction of productivity at your place of employment.
  • Some relationships end in divorce.
  • Criminal charges are a real possibility.
  • There are legal fees.
  • An increase in insurance premiums and medical bills.
  • The loss of life.

Adding It All Up

Addiction impacts the lives of so many people. They struggle with the daily costs of recovery, and the longer the addiction goes unchallenged, the more it costs. If you are looking for a way out of an addiction, there are people who will help, and there are resources available.

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