What To Expect During Withdrawal

Addiction affects everyone involved, not just the individual experiencing the symptoms. Enduring withdrawal will be a challenge regardless of the type of addiction you’re trying to overcome, but it can be done. Here’s what you can expect during withdrawal.

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The Withdrawal Process

The use of alcohol and drugs has different effects on the human body. The symptoms and process of withdrawal are different for everyone. The severity of this process depends on the following:

  • How long did substance abuse occur
  • How much alcohol/drugs were consumed in each dose
  • The drug or alcohol that was regularly consumed

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Common Symptoms Associated with Withdrawal

There are different symptoms you can experience during withdrawal. Some of these symptoms may be more severe than others.


Drugs and alcohol alter the emotional centers of the brain. As you embark on your journey to remain sober, you may become depressed because you have to regulate your emotions without using alcohol or drugs, which can cause depression, mood swings and anxiety.


Irritability can derive from being depressed. You can also become irritated because you are uncomfortable during the withdrawal process. During this process, you will have to make specific lifestyle changes and allow your body to rid itself of the substances you were using, which is the detoxing part of withdrawal.


There will be times when you crave a particular substance, especially during the beginning stages of withdrawal. However, cravings can occur at any time during your recovery process.


Shakiness can occur if you are experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. This symptom can also be accompanied by convulsions, seizures, fever and chills.


Insomnia and restlessness can occur because of the drastic changes your body is making. As your body makes these changes, you may feel exhausted but have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep because you’re not feeling well, which can cause restlessness.


As you endure the different stages of withdrawal, your body is working hard to remove toxins and restructure itself. At this time, you may experience headaches, especially if you have a poor diet. These headaches may be mild or severe depending on how well your body copes with other withdrawal symptoms.

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