The Best 10 Cyber Monday Deals at My 12 Step Store

It’s time to look for some great gifts for the person in recovery in your life. It’s the time of year to validate the people that you love, and there are a ton of deals and items on sale at My 12 Step Store.

  1. Medallions and chips. Show them that you’ve been paying attention to how long they’ve been sober, even if they’re not in a traditional program themselves. Medallions and chips come in a lot of styles, some of which can be worn and others which can be kept displayed at home as a reminder.
  2. Jewelry and charms. Consider getting your loved one some jewelry to remind them to be mindful about their sobriety. Jewelry is a way to keep something close to yourself that reminds you about your recovery without it being too obvious.
  3. Journals. Journals often help people think about their sobriety and what they need to do to continue it, in addition to things such as risk factors and triggers.
  4. Coffee mugs. Let them think about their journey while they have a relaxing cup of tea or coffee.
  5. Books. Does your loved one want to learn more about the recovery process? Books can help.
  6. Apparel. Hoodies and hats give your loved one something to wear that really displays their emphasis on recovery.
  7. Cards. Buy some cards for the person that you care about, and fill it with a personal, motivational message that they can save.
  8. Book covers. Many people in recovery keep books that are related to their recovery, but they may not want people around them to know about those books. These motivational book covers can hide their books and keep them safe, while still letting them read it when they need to.
  9. Candles. Everyone loves a good, relaxing candle, as it’s something that smells great and can be lit with positive intention. Consider buying some candles for the person in your life and let them “let go” of the negativity around them.
  10. God Boxes. Many are beautifully handmade in Poland. God boxes and prayer boxes are used to pray or to send positive intentions to the universe. They can can also be a place to keep special mementos. God boxes and prayer boxes make the perfect gift for anyone not only those in recovery.

Stay tuned for more great Cyber Monday deals at My 12 Step Store!

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