The Newly Sober Pink Cloud: What You Need to Know

Today you are sober. And today, your journey in sober living seems like a very good thing. For many individuals who are newly sober, it’s possible to just float on that so-called pink cloud. Life seems very good; everything is on the right path. But pink cloud syndrome can actually be very, very bad for you.

What Is Pink Cloud Syndrome?

Those who have lived through addiction and are long-time sober individuals will tell newcomers to sober living that pink cloud syndrome happens to many people in the first few days and months of sobriety. To define it isn’t easy, but it is the sense that everything is just fine and that life is great right now, even though, in reality, it’s not quite as perfect as it seems.

Those who are facing addiction and recovery may find themselves in a place of self-delusion. It is a type of self-defense mechanism that individuals face in which they don’t fully accept their current circumstance. But that pink cloud can dissipate very easily when you eventually come to grips with where you’re at in life and why.

You may be facing criminal charges. You can’t drive. You may have lost your job. You might even be seriously injured. The problem with not recognizing and accepting these things now is that, when you do begin to try to put the pieces back together, it becomes much harder to do because you’ve been living in denial for so long. This can, in turn, lead to severe depression and, in some people, relapse.

What Can You Do?

What’s most important is that you have made the decision to get sober. That’s a huge step, and you should be proud of yourself for making it.

Unfortunately, if you’re riding the pink cloud, you may not be as willing to listen to the words and wisdom from friends, family and those in your support group. Only you can begin to recognize that, while sobriety is excellent for you and you are on the right path, you have to understand that recovery is an ongoing journey that needs to be focused on one day at a time. Use daily meditations to help you or even journal about your life right now. Be honest with yourself about what you’re feeling and how you’re dealing with things, and don’t overlook the importance of taking this slow. Attend 12 step meetings where you can share and perhaps you will be able to talk about your situations, maybe others in the group will have solutions from experience that will help you.

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