Celebrate Your Recovery During Gratitude Month

November is National Gratitude Month! The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. encourages gratitude, and gratitude offers many benefits–especially if you seek to remain sober during drug or alcohol recovery. Here are the rewards of gratitude and how to cultivate it. 

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“Today, celebrate who you are.” “We can show our gratitude for life in even our smallest actions.” “Could it be that you’re who you are and where you are now for a reason?”


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Gratitude Brings Rewards

The holiday season can be depressing for many people. Some individuals feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities or sad that their family or friends won’t participate with them. For those in recovery, holidays often bring temptation as a potent mix of stress and alcohol and food availability make relapses easy.

But gratitude can make this journey into the holidays much easier. According to Harvard Health Publishing, gratitude creates greater feelings of happiness and contentment. Those who practice it regularly stick to their goals and improve their health, relationships and resilience.

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In 1935, two drunks met and talked in the library of a home in Akron, Ohio, and from that single event was to grow a program of recovery for more than a million once-hopeless alcoholics.


Make the Best of Gratitude Month

Here are tips on making the best out of Gratitude Month:

  • Keep a gratitude journal: Think of three things that bring you gratitude every day. Write them down in a gratitude journal. These items can be as big or as small as you need them. Sometimes, it is just enough to be thankful you got out of bed in the morning. Other times, you’ll have great days where you’re thankful for a job promotion, new relationship or pay raise. Just go with the flow.
  • Stay in the present: If you get too wrapped up in the past or future, you’re more likely to feel anxiety–not gratitude. Focus on the moment and choose your feelings for it. This strategy also works well in preventing a return to bad habits, which can help with your recovery.
  • Adjust your thinking: Actively appreciate the things that matter and dismiss those that don’t. If you react to something, ask why–does this reaction support who you are? Is the subject of reaction important? After some thought, you may realize that traffic jams or annoying coworkers don’t matter much. Then you can move forward with more positive thinking.
  • Cultivate appreciation: Find the positive in each situation. For example, that traffic jam is annoying, but it’s also a chance to listen to music, catch up on a podcast or get in another chapter of an audiobook. If you can take ownership of the moment and find something to like, you’ll find it easier to remain in a good mindset.

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Make Gratitude Month one where you celebrate your recovery and new sober lifestyle. Find supportive resources and gifts at My 12 Step Store to help you with your goals.

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