Giving Thanks for Your Recovery Journey

Showing gratitude can speed up your recovery journey. When you have a grateful heart, it’s easier to transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones. So, give thanks for having the strength and courage to stay sober. With a humble attitude, you can put your trust in a higher power and escape drug or alcohol addiction.

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What Is Gratitude?

A thankful spirit involves both expressing gratitude and paying it forward with kindness. This could include verbally thanking those that made your recovery possible, including yourself. Consider commemorating the achievement with recovery jewelry you can display prominently or wear close to your heart as a quiet reminder.

Here are a few other ideas to stay grateful for your hard-won victory.

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1. Write Down Your Story

Twelve step journals record your personal recovery journey. Take time to list the people and things you appreciate the most. Memorable events may include sober holidays with your family or quality time with supportive friends. What about those difficult days it’s hard to get through? Review your positive journal entries, remembering that a brighter future happens one day at a time.

2. Do Something for Others

Here are just a few ways you can help others and keep your own spirits soaring the natural way:

  • Participate in meetings, encouraging others in various stages of recovery.
  • Pray or reflect on the progress you’ve made with a friend.
  • Give your time and energy to someone else without expecting anything in return.

You can be a force for change and an example to others struggling with addiction and the risk of a relapse.

3. Practice Mindfulness

There are many ways to express thanks through mindfulness. From yoga to meditation, there are formal ways to practice mindfulness. However, this exercise includes any activity where you focus on gratitude for the present moment — from walking your dog to nurturing house plants. Challenge yourself by practicing mindfulness during everyday tasks, such as washing or sweeping the floor.

4. Embrace Your Unique Qualities

Low self-esteem can threaten your recovery. It’s easy to play the blame game and point out every personal flaw or weakness. Instead, approach recovery from a position of strength. What have you done well, and how have you found the strength to leave drugs and alcohol behind? You’re your own hero, and it’s important to acknowledge this with self-love and gratitude.

5. Help Others Celebrate

Encourage others to celebrate their courage and sobriety. There are endless ways to spread joy and gratitude, from 12-step-related gifts to a few words of kindness.

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