Good Times to Call Your Sponsor While in Recovery

As a person in recovery, you will learn about the importance of finding a sponsor that will guide you through the twelve steps. When you go to meetings in the community for peer support, you will meet others who are further along in their recovery. Many will volunteer to be a sponsor, and it’s important to find a sponsor that you want to work with. 

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When You Are Struggling With a Decision

If you find yourself having a tough time trying to make a decision, it’s time to call your sponsor. Stress can make it more difficult for you to remain sober, and your sponsor is there to help you work through tough times. Your sponsor will help guide you, offering support that allows you to stay in recovery at the same time.

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Problems With Your Relationship

When you are involved with a significant other, this can strain your recovery. Your partner might not understand recovery or what you are going through. Call your sponsor if you are dealing with relationship trouble and feel yourself getting upset. Your sponsor will support your recovery and help you manage your stress.

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Issues at Work

On the job, stress can make it difficult for you to remain in recovery. If you are having problems with a boss, or you feel your sobriety slipping because of a stressful job, it’s time to give your sponsor a call. While your sponsor is there to help guide you through the twelve steps of recovery, this is done by supporting you through tough times in your life.

Your sponsor will be an integral part of your recovery process. It is important to know when to call your sponsor for support. In the early stages, it is common for people in recovery to call their sponsor each day as they get used to how recovery works.

If you are struggling, calling your sponsor is always a good first step to maintaining your sobriety.

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