How to Avoid the New Year Blues

A new year should mean new opportunities, but for those struggling to remain clean and sober, it can feel like a reminder of past mistakes. Rather than dwelling upon the passing of another year, there are some things you can do to embrace the coming opportunities. Once the holiday hype and socializing are over, reality of everyday life sets in. Unwanted challenges are in front of you some even of your own making. Procrastination won’t help but First Things First will.

Make a Plan

If there are things that you failed to achieve in the past year, make a functional plan and a timeline to finish them now. Being willing to surrender and take action over your life will make you feel better, as well as helping your recovery.

List the Positive Things

Sometimes focusing on the positive does help. Make a list of the positive things you experienced in the past year, no matter how small. It’s easier to focus on the negative, but focusing on the negative doesn’t give you a true, balanced picture of your progress.

Resolve to Spend More Time on You

Take some time to do some things you love, whether it’s a hobby that you enjoy with others or just staying home and spending time alone. Self-care is incredibly important to the recovery process, as well as healthier mental health in general. Add a 12 step meeting to your weekly schedule this always changes your perspective.

Keep Yourself Busy

Dwelling on things never helps, but it can be difficult to avoid dwelling on things when you’re bored or inactive. Keep yourself busy with helping others, new tasks, parties, and other events — but don’t push yourself too far. Helping others is the foundation stone in your recovery.

Destroy Your Worst-Case Scenario

If there’s something in particular you’re dreading, it’s easy to think about the worst case scenario. Learn to dismiss these feelings or make them so catastrophic that they begin to approach absurdity. In truth, the worst-case scenario is extremely rare… and even if it does happen, you usually have options.

Reach Out to Friends and Family

When you’re feeling alone or anxious, don’t be afraid to reach out to your support system — that’s what they’re there for. Your friends and family members will be able to give you important perspective.

As someone treating their addiction, you are already making positive changes in your life that you should be proud of. The new year is just another opportunity to succeed. Consider treating yourself this new year with something from My 12 Step Store.

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