Navigating Relationships and Breakups During Recovery

Even if you and your significant other are still together, it might be time to find experience, strength and hope outside your primary romantic relationship. This will prepare you in the worst-case scenario when becoming sober in case it doesn’t work out with your partner. 12-step support groups and inspiration reading are some resources that could help you whether you are currently single or with someone.

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Why do breakups during recovery sometimes occur?

Although good for you, the initial recovery period is an adjustment for both you and your spouse or significant other. You could save your relationship if you decide to seek outside support, even if you and your partner temporarily separate. However, there’s no guarantee that your current partnership will survive the early stages of 12-step treatment if you and your companion are not prepared for the shift in dynamics that usually occurs (ex: less time for one another) when seeking outside help.

If you feel like your relationship with your partner might not last after starting recovery, keep in mind that perhaps you and that person were never meant to be together in the first place. Maybe you always wanted different things from the start but just never realized it until after you decided you wanted to become sober. If you and your significant other do break up, for this reason, you might never reconcile. In this case, you will have a better time dealing with the stages of grief if you have the healthy support you need – especially if you have a circle of 12-step friends surrounding you by the time the breakup or divorce occurs.

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How to Handle a Breakup without Relapsing

Breakups are stressful events that can cause a person to be twice more likely to relapse. This doesn’t mean you will, however. Seeking support from other 12-step members and literature in written and audio form that encourages you can reduce your chances of using drugs or alcohol again. The sooner you form a strong network of people sharing their experience, strength and hope with you, the better off you will be if you do end up newly single when just starting treatment.

Keep in mind this when making new friends: It’s also okay to have fun while in recovery. As you get to know people, find out what hobbies they have and have sober parties with them. After a while, you will become accustomed to doing even things you used to do while using or drinking, such as watching sports matches. Be careful, however, when connecting with new people. It’s advisable to wait a year before becoming too serious with anyone just because of the effect a breakup can have after only a few weeks or months of sobriety.

As you move through the grieving process of a relationship, also find information on how to have a healthy connection with someone. Then, when you feel ready to try again with someone new, you will have the foundation you need for a successful attachment. By the time you do get another chance at romance, the hope is that you have reached the “acceptance” stage of letting go of your previous partner.

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Own the Grieving Process After the Breakup

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