Higher Power vs. God – Is There Really a Difference?

Turning our wills over to “God as we understand Him.” 

That’s a common theme in 12-step recovery. The term “higher power” is also used within step-based addiction treatment literature. This accounts for the endless experiences of faith backgrounds that we all grew up with or turned against as we came of adult age.

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For about 80 percent of Americans, the concept of God may include the being described in the Holy Bible, faith in God but not necessarily as depicted in the Bible’s text, or a combination of both. Others do not believe in this deity, but they might still have a faith that there is someone or something out there that they can rely on for recovery support. Much of the thinking about a “higher power” or “God” has to do with the religious denominations people have been introduced to as a child and new ones they studied when living on their own.

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For instance, some Christians could later learn about the name of “Yahweh” and call God by that name. People who grew up Buddhist, Hindu or Pagan, however, might not refer to God or Yahweh at all. However, they might still pray and meditate. Yet another group of people might not associate “higher power” with any religion or deity but rather is a connection to nature or a thread that binds all people together.

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So, What Exactly Is a Higher Power?

The concept of “higher power” often seems hard to comprehend, except that it does connect most people with the faith recommended to become and remain sober. The term “higher power” also became a way to not require people to worship one particular being if they decide to join a 12-step group. It’s up to you to search for yourselves for what you believe is the truth concerning what exactly a higher power or God is. In doing so, don’t forget the most important aspect of recovery – giving up control.

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The Primary Objective of “Turning our Wills Over”

Turning our wills over to a higher power means that we need to surrender. We can’t keep controlling every aspect of our lives if we want to become sober. Furthermore, we need to recognize that we cannot achieve sobriety on our own and in isolation even if we have to live six feet away from one another as we did in 2020. Besides, some of us were isolated long before the Covid-19 pandemic began, so feeling alone is not something new. This loneliness might be all the reason to seek some force outside ourselves when we cannot be around other people.

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