The Journey Back To Self-Respect During Sex Addiction Recovery

Curiosity and exploration with yourself or other people can help you figure out who you are. Learning what most fulfills your primal desires does not in and of itself denote a sex addiction. Knowing the difference between healthy versus unhealthy sexual expression can change your life during the recovery process.

S-Anon Reflections of Hope | S-Anon Daily Readings

Included in Reflections of Hope are spiritual principles found in S-ANON steps and traditions, which have helped many find hope and even happiness as they recover from the effects of another person’s sexaholism.

What a Healthy View of Sex Looks Like

Ideally, you want to engage in sexual activities that cause you to feel nurtured, not ashamed, when you are finished. Healthy interactions of an intimate nature usually bring people joy, and these encounters – whether by yourself or with other people – feel appropriate. When done in the right context, it can bring two people in a long-term relationship closer together if they also have a strong non-sexual communication system.

Healthy sexual expression is also characterized by all parties involved knowing exactly what will happen before it happens while perhaps leaving room for spontaneity. These kinds of interactions also involve no pressure to continue if you would prefer to just stop.

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Lust, Men and Meth

A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery Lust, Men, and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery provides the first practical resource for recovery from methamphetamine and the restoration of healthy sex and intimacy.

Unhealthy Attitudes Toward Sex

Having self-esteem issues related to dating, relationships and sex also doesn’t necessarily mean you have a sex addiction. However, you could be prone to compulsive sexual behavior if you begin to replace other needs such as attention, affection or admiration with sex. If you also perform this most basic of human acts to distract yourself from the loneliness you feel inside, which could be a sign that you have an unhealthy attitude toward sex.

The next step would be to find out if you have an addiction. If so, it’s not too late to feel good about you, your body and your actions. You can reach a point of experiencing a healthy versus unhealthy sex life if you dedicate yourself to learning what drives you to engage in sexual behavior.

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Compulsive sexual behavior, or sex addiction, is often difficult to face. Sex addiction results in countless negative consequences and hurts many people.




Secret Shame

Love This: Secrect Shame

What is a Sex Addiction?

The signs of a sex addiction might seem somewhat blurred. The clinical definition of what exactly denotes compulsive sexual behavior might also seem confusing. For instance, not everyone who becomes preoccupied with sex will force themselves on another human being. Masturbation also doesn’t automatically signify sexual addiction.

The problem lies when you become so preoccupied with thoughts of sex and how to obtain it that it interferes with your job and your life. It also might cause you financial stress if you purchase too much adult literature or run up your phone bills calling sex lines. Moreover, you could catch an STD if you engage in risky behavior. Probably most importantly, it can ruin relationships if you are unfaithful to your partner. If you believe sex is taking over your life more than it should, you possibly have a sex addiction.

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Contrary to Love | Book for Sex Addiction Recovery

This resource identifies the stages and progression of sex addiction, including assessment, intervention, and treatment methods. This book for sex addiction recovery also covers family structure, bonding, boundaries, and recovery topics.

There’s Hope for a Healthier Future and Renewed Self-Respect

You don’t have to remain in this seemingly hopeless cycle, and one day you can have a healthy relationship if that’s what you want. If you feel you have a sexual addiction, you can find hope and inspiration to help you get your self-respect back. Please check out My 12 Step Store for encouragement as you continue your recovery journey.

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