Peer Pressure and Staying Sober While in College

College is a time of self-discovery. For many students, college can be a time to explore alcohol use. Up to 80% of college students report having one drink within two weeks, and of that 80%, half report binge-drinking on occasion. If you’re a student in recovery and trying to remain sober, it’s important to develop strategies to stay strong in the face of peer pressure.

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Manage Peer Pressure Around Drinking

Pressure to drink alcohol can be overwhelming in college. As a sober person in recovery, understand that your attitude will play a significant role in your ability to avoid peer pressure. To reduce the impact of peer pressure, it’s essential to:

  • Show confidence in your answer and say no to alcohol firmly.
  • Understand that you have the right to say no without being questioned.
  • Learn new ways to say no that aren’t as direct.
  • Talk to a trusted person if you feel pressured to drink.

The pressure you feel from your peers to drink alcohol can make it difficult to remain sober. While you can’t avoid every situation where alcohol is present, it’s crucial to know when you need to remove yourself from a party or event. Always go with someone you trust, and don’t be afraid to leave when you need to.

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Find Your Support Network

Staying sober in college is possible when you build a support network. Find others on campus who are in recovery, as sober peers will understand what you’re going through. Talk to your advisor about resources at your school and reach out to a therapist if necessary. When you grow your network of support, it will be easier to remain sober in college.

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