Religious or Spiritual – Either Path Can Support Your Recovery

People often say, “I’m not religious, but I feel that I am spiritual.” Although the two concepts may seem similar, they have several differences. Reliance on a greater power can be beneficial for recovery. However, individuals who don’t necessarily ascribe to a particular religious philosophy can still tap into their spiritual natures to derive support and encouragement from a broader range of spiritual ideals. 

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What Being Religious Means

Religious people generally adhere to a particular religion’s beliefs, customs and rituals. People are often born into that religion, which is a part of their personal, family and community identity. Being religious doesn’t necessarily mean you are also a very spiritual person. Some people hold strongly to the outward signs of religion without experiencing any broader insights or expansion of understanding.

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What Being Spiritual Means

Being spiritual means, you are engaged in the journey of discovering larger meaning. In the process, a person may take on ideas from many different religions or no particular religion at all. The concepts of compassion, forgiveness, unity and service to others take on a higher meaning for the spiritual person. Their experience of a higher consciousness may come from meditating, being in nature, helping others, or other activities that bring them greater peace and understanding.

In God’s Care

Love This: In God’s Care





Not God

Love This: Not God

Both Concepts Can Support Efforts Toward Recovery

If you are part of a religious tradition, reconnecting to those values and rituals can provide comfort and strength for you. If you don’t have a background in a traditional religion or find it doesn’t provide the emotional and psychological support you need, feel free to explore the many books, videos and online forums that are available on spirituality.  Some may not speak to your needs, but others may provide new insight on how to think about life, human behavior and what it takes to be a good person and a productive member of the human family.

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Some people may find it difficult to connect to their spiritual side. However, it is a rare individual who doesn’t believe in anything or doesn’t feel an awareness of something larger than themselves.

 Looking more closely into what makes you feel connected and exalted through reading, prayer or meditation can help you tap into the larger meaning of life, which will help you discover your true self and support your daily efforts toward recovery

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