Sober Is the New Black

When Sober is the New Black came out in 2014, it forced people to rethink their drinking. The COVID-19 lockdowns had this same effect on many people. Now, more than ever, it seems more people want to explore sobriety. 

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2020 Alcohol Consumption Awareness

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During the COVID-19 lockdowns, people did consume more alcohol than they did in previous years to cope with economic uncertainties and increased alone times. However, extended solitude gave many drinkers awareness they never had in the past. 

One way they decided to improve their lives is by participating in dry challenges and becoming sober. By 2021, the pressure to drink seems to have lifted some, and this includes the increase of non-alcoholic bars serving beverages.

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The 2021 Shift Toward Sobriety

Reports indicate the shift toward sobriety that includes an increase of interest in non-alcoholic bars. With this comes the challenge of coming up with enough varieties of drinks. However, newer places around the world have started to serve new NA drinks that taste similar to margaritas, IPAs and more. 

Sans Bar Owner Chris Marshall explains this phenomenon. He’s been 14 years sober and knows that about 75 percent of people who come to his place still drink alcohol elsewhere. Regarding this, he says, “Some people just want to drink less.” 

Of course, increased dry bars will not stop everyone from deciding not to drink alcohol. However, it can provide an important milestone for people learning how to live sober. This, along with 12-step groups and additional reading, has helped people live an alcohol-free life in 2021. 

Many people even participate in the same activities they used to partake in while drinking, and this includes socializing with others in a place that might play live music or offer karaoke events. 

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Recommended Sober Reading

Another way that people in late 2020-2021 received inspiration while still in lockdown is through online resources. They also find the motivation to become sober through books such as Sober is the New Black. It tells the story of Rachel Black from before she realized she became more dependent on wine in the past during her first year sober. She shares what she gained as she decided to give up drinking wine. 

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You can follow that book up with another book Rachel Black wrote called How to Party Sober. In addition to these, look for other resources to help you get and stay alcohol-free. 

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