5 Tips For Managing Finances During Recovery

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Rebuilding Your Finances Is an Important Part of Your Recovery

The recovery period after addiction treatment can be a challenging time. One of the challenges is managing your finances after a time where things may have gotten out of control. You can get back on track if you follow a few tips to help you maintain good financial habits to keep your life on an even keel.

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Take Responsibility for Your Spending

Creating financial stability for your life is a critical part of the recovery process. You may have racked up debt from your addiction or your treatment that can weigh heavily on you, adding to the stress of managing other aspects of your life. Make a full commitment to taking responsibility for your financial situation and resolve to take positive action to improve it.

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Today, Americans are saving less, carrying larger debt loads, losing their homes to foreclosure, and filing bankruptcy in record numbers. People are spending more than they can afford, and many feel guilty, anxious, and overwhelmed as a result.



Create a Realistic Budget

The first step toward financial improvement is to create a budget that realistically reflects your income and expenses. Review all recurring expenses to determine where you can get a better price. You may find changing your phone carrier or getting a different plan can save you money.

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Avoid the Use of Cards

Debit and credit cards are so easy and convenient to use that they often invite overspending. Avoid using them whenever possible. You will rethink every purchase if you have to go to the bank to take out the money in order to make it. If you do choose to have debit or credit cards for convenience on certain purchases, leave them at home in a safe place.

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Monitor Yourself for Addictive Behavior Involving Money

Make a habit of monitoring yourself for other signs of addictive patterns, such as constant shopping or gambling. These habits can undermine your good intentions for building a more secure financial future.

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Be On the Lookout for Ways to Supplement Income

A bit of extra income can help to work down that debt, so you can get a better start on rebuilding your finances. There’s always someone who needs help with moving, yard maintenance, house cleaning, chauffeuring or other chores. Keep an eye out in your neighborhood for people advertising for help with tasks.

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