5 Sober Summer Tips

The sun is finally out after a long and dreary winter, and you are ready to have your first sober summer. Summer can be a time filled with temptations to relapse due to invitations to barbecues and opportunities to lie on the beach with a mojito in hand. However, it is possible to keep you and your recovery safe with five easy tips.

1. Let Your Friends and Family Know That You’re Still in Recovery

It’s okay to ask for help. You’re probably going to be invited to some events where people are going to be drinking. To prevent prying questions about why you’re not drinking, go ahead and tell your friends and family that you simply can’t drink. Letting them know about your goal to stay sober in advance allows you to lean on them for support and eliminate temptation.

2. Keep Your Stress Level Low

After a stressful day at work, it’s understandable that you’d want to blow off some steam at a friend’s party. It can be easy to give in to temptation when your friend offers you an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day. Practice self-care in the form of long baths, quiet walks and indulging in some of your favorite hobbies to prevent stress levels from getting out of control.

3. Offer To Do Something Else

Your friends and family may not relate to why you can’t be around alcohol or recreational drugs. If they suggest that you go to an event that could potentially trigger you, suggest an alternate activity.

4. Keep Yourself Busy

It’s okay to sit out on an event where other people could be consuming drugs or alcohol. If you find yourself at home with nothing to do, you can watch a TV show or get lost in a hobby like reading or writing.

5. Reach Out for Professional Help if the Other Tips Aren’t Working

If you go to a gathering this summer and the people there trigger you, it’s okay to ask for professional help.

Have a Safe and Sober Summer

To wrap things up, we want you to have a safe, happy and sober summer. You can check your local resources to find like-minded individuals that plan on staying sober this summer. Sobriety doesn’t mean that the fun times are over. In fact, they’re just beginning.  Check out our online store for more recovery resources.

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