Beat the Social Stigma around Being a Sober Mom

If you’ve spent any time on social media in recent years, you’ve likely seen countless memes with slogans like, “Mommy needs a drink,” or “Is it wine-o-clock yet?”. Gift shops are filled with merchandise, cleverly marketed towards mothers, touting alcohol as the only solution to the stress of parenting. While it is true that being a mother is a challenging job, no matter how rewarding, alcohol isn’t the only way to relax and unwind at the end of the day. However, if you choose to be a sober mom, whether due to an alcohol addiction or simply to be healthier and more engaged with your family, you may have to deal with a bit of social backlash. 

The Sober Mom Stigma

Reliance on alcohol to cope with the stress of being a mother has become so entrenched in popular culture that you’ll likely be met with skepticism, pity and isolation if you choose to remain sober. Many women use and abuse alcohol not just to help them relax, but also to establish an identity for themselves outside of just being a mom. Drinking helps them to hold onto some semblance of their lives before children. If you choose not to imbibe, you may find yourself being excluded from outings with friends. It is not that you have changed as a person, but rather that they feel more self-conscious about their own drinking when non-drinkers are around. Over time, you may find that some of your “friends” may not be that good of friends after all.

Benefits of Being a Sober Mom

Despite the potential drawbacks of being a sober mother, there are far more numerous benefits. For starters, you’ll never again have to deal with a stinky diaper blowout while also nursing a hangover, a potentially nauseating combination. You won’t have to worry about missing your child’s midnight cries because you were passed out drunk, and you won’t be endangering your children by drinking and driving. What’s more, you’ll have more energy, feel healthier and stronger, and have clearer focus throughout the day, necessities for keeping up with young children. Finally, it may save your life as you get your life back. You’ll be setting a good example for your kids in terms of self-care and overall health, and that is the best gift you could possibly give them.

Get Help with Your Sobriety

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