Importance of Marijuana Anonymous as Pot Becomes Legal

There’s something happening in states on the West Coast that narcotics addicts will never have to face: the thought of being able to purchase their drug of choice at any corner store in broad daylight. However, as more states legalize recreational and medical marijuana, that is exactly what many Marijuana Anonymous members are facing. In fact, the number of Marijuana Anonymous groups has grown since pot is becoming legal in parts of the country. As alcohol is legal with its restrictions it still causes a great deal of addiction for many people. The same is for marijuana.

Finding Support and Serenity

Support groups such as Marijuana Anonymous utilize the same 12-step recovery programs as Alcoholics Anonymous and other organizations in an effort to assist users in facing day-to-day challenges without returning to drugs.

Marijuana is considered a gateway drug, one that leads to other addictions such as alcohol abuse. While pot is widely seen as less damaging to our bodies than other drugs and substances, it is still responsible for chronic memory loss, anxiety, paranoia and even delusions in some users. Individuals may feel the need to chase the serenity they felt while using pot. However, with the support of Marijuana Anonymous it may be easier to find serenity and beauty in the everyday. An addictive person will find it almost impossible to smoke pot at a recreational level.

Personal Growth

It can be difficult to make meaningful changes without a support network, so Marijuana Anonymous offers a safe place where individuals can explore the feelings that caused them to turn towards drugs in the first place. This group provides a forum for self-expression that is sorely needed by many individuals.

One of the ways that those who are struggling with an addiction are able to maintain focus is to look for small wins along the path. Finding small and healthy ways to reward themselves as they work through personal challenges with the support of faith, friends and family can be very effective.

Prayer and Meditation

The power of prayer and faithfulness are celebrated throughout the 12-Step Marijuana Anonymous journey, and many individuals find that having additional resources to read and refer to can enrich the journey and provide encouragement even in low times.

Finding the right path towards health and healing is a purely personal journey, but one that can be eased with the support and love of your community, your friends, your family . . . and perhaps most importantly, with a Higher Power.

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