Tips for Hosting a Sober Guest

Being sober is not easy. For those that have become sober or that are working toward becoming sober, this is such a huge step and such a huge accomplishment, one that should be celebrated. When you are hosting a sober guest for a meal, holidays, or for any party for that matter, it is important that you take the time to take their sobriety seriously, and that you take the time to adjust your party so that they can attend and feel great. 

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Small Changes Matter

The first thing that you need to remember with a sober guest is that they may not attend. They may decline the invitation since they are in recovery, but it is still important to invite them and to let them know that you are thinking of them, and you want them to attend.

The next thing to keep in mind is that you may have to adjust things to accommodate them, which is absolutely alright. Taking the time to change things up so that they can attend will be a fresh new start for you and will also help to let them know that you want them there. It is also very helpful to allow them to bring a guest or someone that helps to support them.

You need to be patient as well and do not draw attention to what you have done to make the party easier for them. Allow things to flow and to go smoothly, and do not expect everyone to applaud you for what you have done. If you are going to be serving drinks, have non-alcoholic options or perhaps consider not serving drinks if they are going to be there, or provide a space that is away from the alcohol where they can create their own mocktail drinks.

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Sobriety is Difficult

When it comes to a sober guest, you can always take notes and let them make recommendations that will help make the party go better, and that is going to help them feel better about the process overall. Being sober is something that is so difficult. It is something that challenges you every single day.

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