Tips to Help Make Your Recovery Exciting

The process of recovery is a long and challenging journey. As such, it is recommended that you take things one day at a time. As you do so, you may find that sober living starts to get boring or monotonous. Fortunately, there are many different ways you can stay sober and still make your recovery fun and exciting. Here are a few of the ways you can do that.  Continue reading

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Tips on How to Plan Your Daily Calendar

Everyone knows about the benefits of a daily routine, but it can be hard to really implement on a practical level. Creating a daily routine takes work, but once you’ve started, you’ll be able to reduce your stress and increase your chances of success. Continue reading

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How to Avoid the New Year Blues

A new year should mean new opportunities, but for those struggling to remain clean and sober, it can feel like a reminder of past mistakes. Rather than dwelling upon the passing of another year, there are some things you can do to embrace the coming opportunities. Once the holiday hype and socializing are over, reality of everyday life sets in. Unwanted challenges are in front of you some even of your own making. Procrastination won’t help but First Things First will. Continue reading

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Recovery Resolutions for the New Year

A new year is coming — and you know what that means. It’s time to make some New Year resolutions! Consider making some resolutions that will encourage your recovery journey, in addition to the resolutions that are just for fun. Continue reading

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Instant Family with Recovery Fellowship

Even if your family is well-intentioned, they often can’t understand the struggles you’ve gone through. Recovery sometimes alienates you from your family and your friends, and sometimes you may even find your family and friends to be a trigger. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the benefits of family and friends through a recovery fellowship. Continue reading

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Journey To Freedom

Season’s Greetings to all our readers,

With the holidays now on us, many of us are making last-minute arrangements to celebrate the joy of the holidays with friends and family. It’s a celebration of blessings and time to share our gratitude.

We would like to introduce an opportunity to donate to a recovery house that provides services to anyone regardless of ability to pay or HIV status.

Founded in 1973, the Van Ness Recovery House opened its doors in the heart of Hollywood as a safe haven for the LGBT community, though they welcome anyone in need of residential substance abuse services.

Everyone is welcome at the Van Ness Recovery House, though they do make clients from the LGBT community and those who are HIV-positive their priority – the goal is to provide treatment to people who might face discrimination elsewhere. Recovery is long term, the client-to-staff ratio is low, and treatment is based on proven methods.

As the holidays arrive and the year comes to a close, we are often reminded of those who face challenging circumstances.

Since 1973 the van Ness recovery House has provided treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in a residential setting targeting the underserved LGBTQ community regardless of a person’s ability to pay. The need is great particularly at this time of year.

Won’t you join me in helping those in need of our help?

Giving has never been easier;

Thank you and Happy Holidays

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Ways to Show You Support Someone in Recovery

In order to recover, people need support. But how can you show someone that you support them without being overbearing? It can be difficult to find the right balance, especially as people are transitioning to a new and sober life. Here are some ideas for how to help support someone through their recovery. Continue reading

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Rehab to Sober Living

The words Rehab and Sober Living’ can mean very different things to different people. To a parent or loved one it can mean someone in your life is in rehab and clean and sober again. The horrors of addiction have maybe stopped while in treatment, but you wonder will it last. To the addict it can mean similar will this be the time I stop using and drinking for good. Continue reading

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MY 12 Step Store to be Featured in ‘This is LA’ Lifestyle Show on CBS 2

this is LA

My 12 Step Store, the recovery gift and book store, located in the heart of West Hollywood, is being showcased on channel CBS 2 show “This is LA,” on

Sunday, December 9, 2018, at 10am PST (check your local listing for possible broadcast delays and other potential network schedule changes).

“This is LA” is a Circle 8 Production’s lifestyle television show that features the hottest new local businesses, restaurants, trends, products, and weekend getaways. The program provides an inside look into the fast paced and ever-changing landscape of Southern California, with an emphasis on what’s trending in the area’s lifestyle leader.

The My 12 Step Store segment on “This is LA” will highlight the store’s history, which started out in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard, before in moved to its current home in West Hollywood. It will feature an interview with one of My 12 Step Store’s project manager. “This is LA” will also feature the stores best-selling recovery items that have helped keep the store open for well over a decade.

My 12 Step Store recently celebrated 15 years of providing love and service for all 12-step programs in the recovering community. The recovery book and gift store, located at 8730 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood CA, offers an online store that delivers recovery gifts all over the world. My 12 Step Store continues to offer various ways to make 12-recovery fun and livable for all walks of life. It is known for the largest collection of the splashiest medallion styles, fun apparel, silver and gold 12-step jewelry, including the Surrender Collection, along with prayer bookmarks, unique gifts and inspirational recovery cards.

For more information, visit, email:, or call 310-623-1702.

la fb

la fb 2

la fb 4

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Rest and Recovery Gifts for Christmas and the Holidays

Celebrate the sobriety of your friends and family members by giving them the gift of rest and recovery. There are several relaxing gifts that you can give them, so they can treat themselves or pamper themselves. We find the best gifts are the ones that touch our heart spiritually such as prayer coins and medallions.  Continue reading

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