10 Reasons it’s Great Being Sober for the Holidays

10 Reasons its Great Being Sober for the Holidays

Being sober for the holidays makes everything better — not just for you, but also your loved ones. Even though there’s a lot of stress going on (and a lot of alcohol being poured), you can rest assured that being sober is better for these reasons: Continue reading

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Fall Back in Time-Way’s to Start Your Morning

The time change can be an adjustment and the way you start your morning can affect the rest of your day. When you start the day out feeling stressed, you may feel a downward spiral of negative experiences and stressful responses throughout the remainder of your day. However, starting the day from a place of relaxation, you will be better able to deal with what comes as well as be able to enjoy the remainder of your day to its fullest extent.  Here are several healthy lifestyle habits to incorporate into your morning routine that will allow you to better handle the stresses of the day. Continue reading

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Three Ways to Get Involved in Your Community

Getting and staying sober is a huge accomplishment, but it is one that doesn’t come without its challenges. If you are on the path to recovery, it is important to find things that can help you to fill the void left behind by your addiction and to do things that make you feel good about yourself. Getting involved in the community can help you to fill your time, feel great about yourself and give back. Here are three fun ways to get involved in your community.  Continue reading

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My 12 Step Store Presents Special FREE Screening of My Recoverist Family During Reel Recovery Film Festival, 2018

My 12 Step Store, the recovery book and gift store located in the heart of West Hollywood is sponsoring a special free screening of the film My Recoverist Family, as part of the 10th Annual Film Festival & Symposium 2018, produced by Writers in Treatment. The event is being presented with the generous support of Addiction Policy Forum at the Laemmle Royal Theatre located at 11523 Santa Monica Blvd., West Los Angeles, CA 90025, on Sunday, October 28, at 1 p.m.

My Recoverist Family follows an LGBT+ group from Greater Manchester on a non-linear journey through recovery from substance use. Presided over by performance artist and high wire avant-guardist David Hoyle with supporting artist Jackie Haynes, their trips around the north west culminate in a once only live arts performance at Manchester’s international arts venue HOME. Cutting between final performance and nomadic workshops, the film bears witness to these recoverists’ unique perspectives on addiction, the vitalizing power of art and friendship and on what it is that they – and we – need to recover from.

Writers In Treatment is producing the 10th Annual Los Angeles REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium from October 24-30, 2018. This multi-day event is a celebration of film, the arts, writing and creativity. It showcases filmmakers who make honest films about addiction, alcoholism, behavioral disorders, treatment and recovery. Slated for screening is an eclectic lineup of contemporary and classic films, documentaries and shorts from American and international, first-time filmmakers and industry veterans. To learn more and to get a listing of the different films being presented, visit reelrecoveryfilmfestival.org.

MY 12 STEP STORE is a recovery book and gift store located in the heart of West Hollywood with an online presence that ships worldwide. Whether it’s addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, love, food, meth or codependency, to list only a few, we have something for you and those you love. The store offers the largest collection of splashy medallion styles, racy clothing, 12-step jewelry, including the Surrender collection, along with prayer bookmarks, unique gifts and inspirational recovery cards. The store specializes in the most unique gifts for you and those you love, complete with gift wrap options and greeting card enclosure and offers a variety of shipping options which includes Priority Express 1-2-day delivery shipping. The store attracts those interested in recovery from all over the world and has a large celebrity clientele who shop for themselves or those they love. For more information, visit www.my12stepstore.com.

Contact: 310 623-1702             RJdesignLA@msn.com info@my12stepstore.com

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Dating While Newly Sober: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

By becoming sober, you are taking the first step in improving your life and becoming a better person. As you go through recovery, you may find yourself longing for a partner or romantic interest. However, before you leap into a relationship, there are a few things you need to know. Here are a few of the things you should and should not do if you are looking to date while you are newly sober.  Continue reading

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7 Best Coffee Chains in the U.S.

7 Best Coffee Chains in the U.S.

When in recovery, many former alcohol addicts like to concentrate on coffee. Coffee provides a lot of what alcohol does: a social ritual that you can engage in with friends. While physical addiction is hard, the psychological and habitual addiction can be harder. Here are a few great coffee chains that you can try on your journey through sobriety. Note we said best coffee chains but that is debatable. Continue reading

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You look in the mirror and what do you see?  If your eyes go directly to a protruding belly or thighs that look a bit larger than you think they should, then you might be beginning to wonder “Am I FAT  Considering the barrage of images we get of too-skinny actresses and models every day on the screen, it is no wonder we are all obsessed with our weight. Continue reading

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Recovery and Business Community Mix and Mingle at My 12 Step Store 15-year Anniversary

By Paulo Murillo WEHO TIMES

My 12 Step Store had much to celebrate this past Wednesday, September 22, during National Recovery Month. The recovery book and gift store located at 8730 Santa Monica Boulevard, in the heart of West Hollywood, partnered with the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to celebrate 15 years of servicing the recovering community with an alcohol-free party and business mixer. Continue reading

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Steer Clear of These Dangerous Street Drugs

There are plenty of challenges to be had with addiction to a “traditional” drug, but what happens when you or a loved one tangle with something deadly? The danger that is lingering on a daily basis due to drugs is super-sized when you consider these most dangerous of street drugs. Here are tips on how to recognize them and their side effects so you can steer clear. Continue reading

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4 Famous People Who Have Battled Addiction

It’s easy to look at a celebrity and think that their life is perfect — they have no challenges nor have money problems — and that they could never understand what you are going through. The reality is that you can never step inside someone else’s mind to see what they are thinking or feeling deep inside. Instead, you are judging by what’s on the outside and that can make you feel worse than ever about your difficulties. Here are 4 famous individuals you may not have known about who are taking slow steps toward lifelong health and wellness, just like you.  Continue reading

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